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Can People with Diabetes Eat Durian?

Like the other fruits, people with diabetes can enjoy durian as long as the portion is well controlled. People with diabetes are advised to consume only 2 medium seeds of durian in 1 serving size.     According to Malaysian Dietary Guidelines 2010, we are recommended to take at least 2 servings of fruit per day. How about Durian as a Meal or Durian Buffet? Many Malaysians shared the same...

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Physical Activity During Ramadhan

Physical activities need to be adjusted during Ramadan. The following are recommended: Light and moderate activities/ exercise on a regular basis. Avoid strenuous activities/ exercise during daytime because of the risk of low blood glucose level. The timing of exercise is preferably performed 1-2 hours after the break of fast. Performance of Tarawih prayers is a form of physical activity.   Definition: Mild activities         : 35 - 50 % of a person's maximum...

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Categories of Risk in People with Diabetes Who Fast During Ramadhan

Are you supposed to abstain from fasting? Those who fall in the ‘very high’ and ‘high risk’ groups are advised to abstain from fasting.This classification is based largely on expert opinion and not on scientific data derived from clinical studies. Please consult your doctor or diabetes nurse for further advice.   Very High Risk History of severe diabetes complications within 3 months prior...

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Adjustment of the Diet During Ramadhan

  Never skip Sahur​ (pre-dawn meal). Sahur should consist of a balanced meal with adequate carbohydrate (eg.: Rice, noodles, bread, potatoes) taken as late as possible just before Imsak (dawn) to avoid unnecessarily prolonged fasting.   Do not delay the breaking of fast at sunset (Iftar). Limit intake of high-sugar foods. However, 1–2 ...

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