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Everything About Low Blood Glucose (Hypoglycemia)

Low blood glucose is also known as hypoglycemia which is a medical terminology. Some call it ‘hypo’ for short. It usually happens in people with diabetes who take medication especially increased dose of insulin, exercising more than usual, miss their meals or reduced their meals. People with diabetes who experience ‘hypo’ usually experience some signs or if their blood glucose is tested, it could be below 4.0mmol/L.

It is very important to recognize the early signs of ‘hypo’ and treat it quickly. Educate your colleagues, friends and family members to enable them to help with treatment when you experience ‘hypo’.  If left untreated, it may lead to injury or even death. Thus, people with diabetes who experience frequent ‘hypo’ are prohibited from driving, riding, cycling or operating heavy machinery.


Warning Signs of Hypoglycemia


Treatment of Low Blood Glucose

If you suspect that you are having low blood glucose episode…

Perform a blood glucose test. This is to ensure that you are experiencing low blood glucose episode and not anything else.

If your blood glucose reading is less than 4mmol/L, or if you experience any of the low blood glucose warning signs for people treated with insulin or oral diabetic medications (Please consult your doctor for individualized low blood glucose level), follow the 15-15 rule1:


Are You At Risk?


1. Clinical Practice Guidelines, Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (5th Edition), Ministry of Health Malaysia, Dec 2015


Updated on 11 Jan 2019


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