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What is diabetes?

Understanding the basics of diabetes is the first step in gaining control of your health. Let’s look at what causes diabetes, some of the common symptoms, the benefits of healthy living, and what to do if you’ve just been diagnosed. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic disease. Your blood glu...

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Blood Glucose Test Made Easy

Whether you check your blood glucose level once a week, once a day, or 6 times a day, learning how to make monitoring easier and less painful may inspire you to monitor more often. For people with diabetes, the knowledge that you gain from monitoring more often is the key to staying in control of...

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Eating Healthy with Diabetes

You don’t have to sacrifice your target blood glucose levels to enjoy some of your favorite foods. Here’s how to eat healthy with diabetes, whether you’re cooking at home, or eating in a restaurant. Carbohydrates and your blood glucose  Carbohydates break down in the body creating glucose,...

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