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Huat is Healthy Eating this Chinese New Year?

  Cut Down On the Sugary Goodies. Pineapple tarts, shrimp rolls, gummies and chocolate coins, these traditional favourites are full of processed sugars and fats. Limit the amount by taking a few pieces out and closing the container tight. Peeling Mandarin oranges keeps you busy from reaching out for the snack platter! Pick dried fruits or assorted nuts over these sugary treats. Go Easy On the Drinks During Chinese New Year, being offered a sweetened drink happens almost all the time, hospitality is displayed in these small gestures. Whether it is due to the convenience...

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Overcoming Diabetes Stigmas and Stereotypes  

Every day, all around the world, people with diabetes feel outcast, different and alone. We can experience a deteriorating self-esteem based on our experience or perception of the way we are treated because we have diabetes. The way society treats people with diabetes may prevent us from actively practicing good diabetes self-management in our attempt to keep our diabetes a secret from friends, family, and the general public. The way our culture views diabetes is our unfortunate reality. The number of people with diabetes is expected to rise to 522 million in the next ten years. It is time we look at how to address the...

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5 ways to manage your blood sugar while working from home

Making the shift from being an in-office employee to one who works remotely can certainly be an adjustment. You may need to learn how to balance your own conference calls, create boundaries between your family time and late-night requests from colleagues when there’s no commute separating the spheres of your life and focus on that quarterly report when there are piles of laundry staring you in the face. Working from home presents a whole different set of challenges for people with diabetes....

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