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Newly diagnosed? Here’s what to do now.

It’s never easy to be diagnosed with diabetes. You may wonder, “Why is this happening?” and may fear the unknown. It’s common to blame yourself and worry about what others will think of you. What’s most important is that you acknowledge all of your emotions as they come and go, resolve to deal with them, and understand that you are not alone.


The first step in taking control of your health after a diagnosis is making an appointment with your primary healthcare provider (or endocrinologist, or diabetes nurse, etc.), and finding out everything you can about your diabetes. To start, you should find out:

  1. If you are type 1 or type 2?
  2. How to monitor your own blood glucose?
  3. How to operate a blood glucose meter?
  4. How to understand your blood glucose results?
  5. How to treat your diabetes?
  6. What kind of exercise is right for you?
  7. What changes to make to your diet?
  8. Other health issues you have that affect your diabetes treatment.
  9. Who else you can see for information?


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Updated on 11 Jan 2019.


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