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Huat is Healthy Eating this Chinese New Year?


Cut Down On the Sugary Goodies.
Pineapple tarts, shrimp rolls, gummies and chocolate coins, these traditional favourites are full of processed sugars and fats. Limit the amount by taking a few pieces out and closing the container tight. Peeling Mandarin oranges keeps you busy from reaching out for the snack platter! Pick dried fruits or assorted nuts over these sugary treats.

Go Easy On the Drinks
During Chinese New Year, being offered a sweetened drink happens almost all the time, hospitality is displayed in these small gestures. Whether it is due to the convenience of being indoors or during home visits, requesting for a glass of cold water to quench your thirst greatly reduces the amount of sugar intake in a day. Because most times when one is thirsty, one does not think twice in making the right choice. Water can
get plain, literally. Keep some sugar-free tea or black coffee within sight, If needed, add some natural sweetener Stevia as a substitute.

Not-so-starchy Reunion Dinner!
Reunion dinner is not to be missed at the end of the lunar calendar. Family and friendsgather and there is bound to be an abundance of food to usher in the New Year.Healthier options can be low in carbohydrates too! From Chye Sim to leek, vegetables are full of Fibre and vitamins. Avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes and yam. Choose wholegrain, such as brown rice or unpolished rice instead of rice noodles.

Overeating? No!
Reunion dinners can be extremely delicious and in large amounts depending on the crowd. Portion control is going to be a great challenge since it is part of the asian culture to mingle around food, ensuring everyone has eaten their fill. Manage the amount of white rice to be eaten as this adds to your blood glucose. Keep your plate filled with food, so there would be no space for seconds. Chat with your distant cousin, have a bite of this, have a sip of that and let the cycle continue - keep your eating speed slow. Your food needs time to reach your stomach!

Alternative Desserts (More fruits!)
Serving fresh fruits; mandarin oranges, pineapples, pomelo and dragon fruit mixed into a salad is a delicious alternative! Chill it for extra enjoyment! Many asian desserts call for boiling and steaming, these healthier cooking methods will help in addition when you control the amount of sugar added into the dessert. Some favourites include unsweetened beancurd.

Find out the carbs content on some of the CNY goodies here.





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