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 Everything Goes Digital (Even The Logbook)

  O.K. Not everyone prefers to use an app to record their blood glucose readings. If you are one of them who still prefers to record using a logbook, we have made the logbook digitally available for you. That way, you may still record it manually like you used to do (using your phone this time) and you will not forget to bring your logbook on your next doctor's appointment. It is really more convenient! Click the below logbook to start downloading it into your mobile phone now! ...

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  A Carb Is a Carb

A lot of people with diabetes believed that if they cut out candy and sugary foods, they'd be able to manage their blood glucose (blood sugar). Now we know that all carbohydrates, in short known as carbs—rice, noodles, bread, cakes and candy alike—cause your blood glucose to rise. So really, when it comes to managing blood glucose levels, what's the difference between a serving of cake and a serving of rice?   15 grams of carbs = 15 grams of carbs, right? Since your body doesn't really distinguish between carb sources, 15 grams of carbs from a cake can cause your blood glucose...

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Swap Your Meals & Snacks For A Healthier You!

Ever feel like preparing a meal at home takes too much time and effort? Try this quick meal idea that can actually take less time to make at home than it would to stand in line waiting for “fast” food. How convenient is convenience food—really? With a few fresh ingredients, you can whip up a healthier—and often faster—meal option than the corner café. Best of all, you know exactly what’s on your plate, because you made it! Breakfast Swap Compare these: Simple egg and spinach scramble at home, with two tomato slices and a slice ham: 205 calories, 7 g carbs, to a breakfast sandwich with 370 calories...

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  3 Tips for A Healthier Plate

Your environment influences your ability to manage your diabetes. Willpower alone isn’t enough if temptation crosses your path over and over again. Follow these three simple steps to enjoy foods you like without breaking your meal plan.   Step 1: Keep off-limit food off your plate. Clean out your refrigerator and get rid of snacks that can ruin your meal plan. Also take a look at fast-food temptations. Is walking by the fried food vendor a tough challenge? Take another route instead of testing your resolve with that aroma. Step 2: Rate your plate....

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  Does life get in the way of healthy eating?

How many times have you been told to just “eat better”?  As if that’s such an easy thing to do. Sure, you know you should eat more vegetables (shouldn’t everyone?), and you dutifully count your carbs (or can recite the carbs in all of your meals from memory), but the time and effort it takes to “eat better” can make you feel even more stressed. Or bored. Everywhere you turn, you’re bombarded by images of food—the kind that makes your mouth water, but usually not the kind that’s high-fiber, low-fat, and full of nutrition. Instead of beating yourself up for not eating up to your ideals, take comfort—no one eats right, at...

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  Eating Healthy with Team Family

As a parent of a child with diabetes, you’re not only responsible for getting them to eat healthy when they’re sitting at the dinner table, you’re also teaching them how to make good choices when they’re on their own. Parenting can be tough, especially when kids start testing their independence and developing physically and emotionally. Sure, you know the difference between a healthy snack and movie theater popcorn, but do you ever feel like it’s not worth the argument? Here are some ideas to encourage kids to make healthy choices—with or without your reminders. Create a family-team atmosphere...

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  The Facts About Fats

We’ve all been there—standing in the grocery aisle thinking, “this little chocolate-covered, cream-filled snack cake doesn’t have that much more fat in it than a handful of peanuts. For an extra 4 grams of fat, I can really indulge.” Sure, the peanuts have 13 grams of fat and the snack cake only has 17 grams. But have you looked at the type of fats they contain or what effect they’ll have on your body? This is where the “good fat, bad fat” discussion becomes important.   Finding bad fats There are two bad fats you need to watch for in foods: saturated fat and trans-...

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  10 Diabetes Superfoods

Many foods are on the good-for-you list, but these are extra healthy for people with diabetes, because they have lower glycemic index (a figure representing the ability to increase the level of glucose in the blood) and help stabilize your blood glucose.1

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Huat is Healthy Eating this Chinese New Year?

  Cut Down On the Sugary Goodies. Pineapple tarts, shrimp rolls, gummies and chocolate coins, these traditional favourites are full of processed sugars and fats. Limit the amount by taking a few pieces out and closing the container tight. Peeling Mandarin oranges keeps you busy from reaching out for the snack platter! Pick dried fruits or assorted nuts over these sugary treats. Go Easy On the Drinks During Chinese New Year, being offered a sweetened drink happens almost all the time, hospitality is displayed in these small gestures. Whether it is due to the convenience...

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