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Adjustment of the Diet During Ramadhan


  1. Never skip Sahur​ (pre-dawn meal).

Sahur should consist of a balanced meal with adequate carbohydrate (eg.: Rice, noodles, bread, potatoes) taken as late as possible just before Imsak (dawn) to avoid unnecessarily prolonged fasting.


  1. Do not delay the breaking of fast at sunset (Iftar).

Limit intake of high-sugar foods. However, 1–2 kurma (dates) at the start of Iftar following the practice of the Prophet (Sunnah) may be taken as part of carbohydrate exchange. The main meal is encouraged after the performance of Maghrib prayers.


  1. Supper after Tawarih can be considered as a pre-bed snack during non-fasting month.


  1. Limit intake of salty foods to reduce risk of dehydration.


  1. Aim for 8 glasses of fluid a day. To minimize risk of dehydration, sufficient fluid must be taken to replenish fluid loss during the day.


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