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Physical Activity During Ramadhan

Physical activities need to be adjusted during Ramadan. The following are recommended:

  1. Light and moderate activities/ exercise on a regular basis.
  2. Avoid strenuous activities/ exercise during daytime because of the risk of low blood glucose level.
  3. The timing of exercise is preferably performed 1-2 hours after the break of fast.
  4. Performance of Tarawih prayers is a form of physical activity.



Mild activities         : 35 - 50 % of a person's maximum heart rate

Moderate activities : 50 - 70 % of a person's maximum heart rate

Strenuous activities : > 70% of a person's maximum heart rate


Grading Of Physical Activities

Mild Activities Moderate Activities Strenuous Activities
Brisk walking on flat surfaces Faster walking


Cycling on level surface Cycling on uneven surface Cycling up hills
Walking on level surface Walking downstairs Climbing stairs
Bowling, Golf - walking Badminton (non-competitive), Aerobics (low impact) Swimming, Squash, Tennis, Basketball, Jumping rope, Jogging
Gardening, weeding, cleaning windows, mopping the floor Doing Heavy Laundry (manually)  




Clinical Practice Guidelines, Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, 5th Edition, 2015, Ministry of Health Malaysia



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